Old Skaven Madness - part 27d - Clanrats / Nightrunners Regiment

Hello all,
More plastic skaven madness - the Mordheim era plastic sets really allowed for easy conversions - here is an entire regiment of dynamic conversions using everything that was available at the time. Great fun
Skaven Plastic Nightrunners Mordheim clanrats gutter runners

Skaven Plastic Nightrunners Mordheim clanrats gutter runners

All the best,


  1. Cool looking unit - great photography too. Best, Dean

  2. As a Skaven-related blog owner myself it is really great to see so many changes to these classic skaven models and others on your blog. I'm not generally a fan of the older ("classic") models, as I much prefer the current generation (and in fact have been a bit unkind to them in previous posts on my own Skaven blog...)
    ...but I like these and I may have to change my thinking.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great looking unit, looks fierce and strong!


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