Old Skaven Madness - part 25 - Skaven Heroes

Hello all,
A few heroic (if such a thing is possible?) Skavens today.

Skaven Black Tree Design Harlequin
The rat on the left is (apart from the rather huge Skaven head, which makes me regret not having known about Green stuff at the time :-)) mainly one of the oldest models I own. It came with the first roleplaying Game I ever read and owned (I think it was called "Drager og Dæmoner" (Dragons and Demons) and was made in Sweden?).

Drager og Dæmoner figurer

With the starter set came this rather small fighter. the head was terrible but I have always loved the pose - so I guess that was enough for me to give him a new head, and let him be a unit champion.

Skaven Black Tree Design Harlequin
 The other guy is again a Harlequin model and once again a brilliant model. A lot of character in him and I love the epaulettes on his shoulders. The sword.... well apparently it wasn't only GW who sculpted massively over-dimensioned swords :-). With one of the newer barbed swords he would look excellent I feel.

 Oh - and just for fun - here is an old cowboy model - probably the first human I painted. Not the best skintone, looks a bit zombie-ish...
Cowboy pained zombie

Best regards,

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