Old Skaven Madness - part 26 - Wounded Skaven 074406/14

Hello all,
well if 13 is the sacred Skaven number - would not 26 at least carry some importance for the little critters? If so I guess we should feature something special for the 26th post in this cavalcade of old models...
Skaven 074406/14 Wounded Skaven Casualty Old

 A dead skaven! That must be pretty special - something not seen everyday in Skaven society. Oh, wait, actually there would probably be more dead skaven lying around than cheesy Lizardmen armies at a large tournament. Anyways, I have no idea where this casulty model is from but I have always appreciated that instead of just being dead, the rat is clearly dead in battle - he is missing his right arm and clutching the remains of a spear in his chest.

 The scavenging vermin move in to feed on its larger and more evolved cousin.
Skaven 074406/14 Wounded Skaven Casualty Old

Not that special I know but I am running out of pictures that have been uploaded. I guess I will have to bring up a new batch from the basement soon.

Best regards,

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