Old Skaven Madness - part 2 - Plague Priest

Hello all!
Continuing down memory lane with a revisit to my old Skaven - Clan Ressak.
Today's vermin is my plague priest - I used to love these characters as they were the only ones that could actualy fight and kill something...

Plague Priest

Im really not sure what parts were used, but I think I can identify a Grey seer (maybe the one from the Screaming Bell?), Lord Skrolks staff and the gun hand from a Doomwheel driver. He is sporting the last uniform version that my "Monks of Madness" (my main Plague monk unit) were painted in and the yellow was hell to paint on top of the black but looked pretty good with thrity of them lined up.

Plague Priest

Check back as we continue with more Plague Monks before deciding what else to show :-).
Best regards,

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