Old Skaven Madness - part 5 - Globadiers

Hello all,
More Skaven today! This post presents two quite converted Globadiers (of the modern type - these are still the current models, right?). Or perhaps psycho-robot-rats would be more a appropriate title :-).

Converted Skaven Globadiers
I never really got Globadiers to work but almost always fielded a few just for laughs and as they were cheap it added an additional dimension to the games (and even more friendly fire :-)). These two guys were subsequently used as blitzers in a Bloodbowl tournament, hence the numbers.

Converted Skaven Globadiers

As for parts - I havn't the faintest idea, but they look like I sprayed them with superglue and dipped them in my bitsbox before painting them. I think I can spot a few very old Space Marine shoulder pads  and a powerglove from the old plastic SM set, some gargoyle parts and a chainsaw from an orc - and of course a lot of spiky bits :-). The thing on the arm - I have no idea!

I think they turned out allright..

Anyways, stay tuned for more Skaven (I still got about 3000 points of painted Skaven to present .-)).
Best regards,

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