Old Skaven Madness - part 15 - Deathmaster Snitch

Hello all,
A few pictures of another of my old Skaven miniatures - this time its the Deathmaster! Not only the best name ever in the Warhammer world, it is also one of the best Skaven models ever made.

Skaven Deathmaster Snitch Conversion
He just incorporates the entire race and the evil assassin twist is always nice.

Skaven Deathmaster Snitch Conversion

The upgraded Snitch - with warpstone flails :-).

Skaven Deathmaster Snitch Conversion

For some reason this version of the model (I think I have three of these models) has been modified a bit. He served as a Gutterrunner champion or similar and if I remember correctly he had an option for flails - or else I just enjoyed flails at the time :-).

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