Old Skaven Madness - part 19 - Clanrats (former Bloodbowl minis)

Hello all - for very weird and unmentionable reasons I happen to be in Greenland for a couple of weeks, so these Skaven pictures are sent to you curtesy of the Greenlandic University´s network :-).

Continuing the theme from the last post of examples of how I converted some of the excellent Blood Bowl Skaven into rank and file clanrats. These three rats are more of a martial art character than the former, needing no weapons to bash in the brains of any opponents. 
I think the logic is that if you, as a Skaven, manage to survive on the Bloodbowl pitch then a mere battle offers little danger :-).

Skaven Clanrat Blood Bowl Conversion

 They arnt really converted but the rat on the left has been modified somewhat and is now delivering a vicious kung-fu kick to the groin of any cowardly elf who comes within range.

Skaven Clanrat Blood Bowl Conversion

Again, these are nice minis that spices up any boring clanrat unit :-)

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