Old Skaven Madness - part 17 - Skaven Master Gunner

Hello all,
More skaven? Yes!

 One of my favourite conversions because it is just a simple hand-swap but looks pretty vicious. 
The old but brilliant BloodBowl Skaven stole one of the infamous Dark Eldars weapons and is now a threat to be reckoned with. The Eldar carrying the weapon was free on the cover of an old White Dwarf and the weapon was ideal for use with Skavens.
Skaven Character Engineer Eldar Conversion

I think he saw service with my Gutter runners (which included a fair amount of Blood Bowl Skavens converted to serve in the clans frequent wars), perhaps this is a modern version of the poisoned sling shot :-).
Skaven Character Engineer Eldar Conversion

Simple but effective, and the weapon does have something Skaveny about it :-)

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