Old Skaven Madness - part 21 - Grey Seer (Thanqoul)

Hello all - more Skavens!

This time it is "only" Grey Seer Lord Snik-Snak, the religious and factual leader of my old Skaven Clan Ressak. 
Although he is pigmentally-challenged he is a Grey Seer (as he will tell you in a very, very violent way). He suffered the change in skin after a failed ritual and was thrown out of the "guild" due to his lack of Greyness. As a result he has become even more of a religious maniac and has more or less taken over the entire clan as his own, leading it in a very fanatical way.

Skaven Grey Seer Thanqoul Conversion
 I've always¨loved this model (I think it is an old Grey Seer - but very aggressive in its stance) but wanted one with additional handweapons, often a magic sword or similar, and had to do a few hand swaps.
EDIT: The cold must have gotten to my brain - this is, of course, the old Thanquol model (cool special character and brilliant rules).
Skaven Grey Seer Thanqoul Conversion

 At the time I quite liked the horns (tyranidoid origin if I remember correctly) but today I would judge them as just a wee bit too large :-).

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