Old Skaven Madness - part 20 - Clanrats (former Bloodbowl minis)

Hello all - the last Skaven who was forced into serving the army instead of pursuing his lifelong (yet very short) dreams of becoming an All-Star in the Blood Bowl world.
And if I may say so myself - he is a pretty impressive little rat - I wouldn't mess with him!

Skaven Clanrat Converted Blood Bowl
He looks ready to pound on anything that survives that heavy rifle of his.
 I really can't remember where that handgun is from - perhaps one of the Gorka-Morka models?

Skaven Clanrat Converted Blood Bowl
And finally a group shot of the former BB "Team Ressak" which instead of trampling on skulls in the arena now gets to wreck havoc on whole armies at a time :-).
Skaven Clanrat Converted Blood Bowl
"Say Cheese!"

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